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Lindsay is proud to work with brilliant and creative minds from all over the world. These are the people that make this site what it is.


Lindsay is a contributor-based online publication based in Melbourne, Australia, working with over thirty writers, photographers and illustrators from around the globe. Our contributors are a talented bunch and we welcome opportunities to work with more brilliant minds worldwide. We especially encourage submissions from Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander peoples and creatives from diverse backgrounds.

Lindsay has a considered approach to its editorial content and a distinct style. Have a look and read around the site, and if you think you’re a good fit, we’d love to hear from you. Please send us a short email including: your biography, links to previously published works and potential pitches. We look forward to reading them.


If you or anyone you know has a delicious recipe, we’d love to hear from them. We feature recipes from talented home cooks as well as well-known international chefs, as long as the recipe tells a story about culture and place.