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Beth Wilkinson (creative director and editor) at Lindsay HQ, 2017. Photo by Heather Lighton.

Lindsay is an international online publication that documents and celebrates culture and place. Created by Beth Wilkinson in 2017, Lindsay publishes weekly content from a small home office in Melbourne, Australia, in collaboration with creatives worldwide. Lindsay was founded on the traditional lands of the Wurundjeri people of the Kulin nation. We pay our respect to their ancestors and elders—past, present and future—and value the role of storytelling in their culture, which is amongst the oldest living cultures in the world.

Named after Beth’s grandfather (Lindsay James Stanger), a man who captured the world through countless rolls of film, this publication hopes to echo his approach to life—with an open mind, a thirst for learning and a love for sharing stories.

Every place is more than just a location; it has its own history, identity, feeling. This is what Lindsay wants to capture. Inspired by the way a Joan Didion essay on New York can take you right into the middle of a bustling Manhattan or the moment in a Wong Kar-wai film when you can feel the heat of Hong Kong, Lindsay hopes to transport people. Because when you’re there, literally or metaphorically, that’s the moment when you can begin to really get to know a place.

With essays mixed in with film reviews, interviews next to recipes, the thread that ties each piece together is place. Because an okonomiyaki recipe can teach us about Japan as much as Zadie Smith’s novel NW speaks of North West London. Throughout the site, film photography plays a leading role as an ode to the traditional and honest. Our photography aims to capture moments rather than images, where storytelling takes precedence over perfect composition.

Launching in a time when national borders are tightening and gentrification is threatening diversity, Lindsay hopes to remind people of the importance of preserving culture and welcoming difference. This is a platform where readers have an opportunity to understand and appreciate the culturally and geographically foreign, without necessarily having to experience them first-hand. It brings together diverse voices with a curious, open-minded approach to producing thoughtful and borderless editorial content.

With each piece published, Lindsay hopes to take you places you’ve never been—a place where you can discover something new, appreciate a different perspective or simply be transported.